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African Beauty - Episode 18 - Nollywood Drama TV Series

African Beauty - Episode 18 - Nollywood Drama TV Series

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👉WATCH THE BEST AFRICAN CONTENT ON #Afro_Stream, CLICK HERE 👉 African Beauty is an original TV series that invites the viewer into the murky world of Beauty pageants in Africa. On the one hand there is the Glam, the chic and the beauty. On the other hand, corruption, violence and politics. The negative side clearly takes the upper hand when a series of kinappings start rocking the Beauty pageants that Detactive Caroline –an ex Beauty Queen herself- is all too familiar with. Determined to bring this to an end. she will dive into the case with all her passion and her wits but the root of the problem is much deeper than she would have ever thought with ramifications linking the cases to her own family. African Beauty’s twists and turns make you discover the other side of a world you thought you knew.

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